How to Floss with Braces!
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Food stuck in your braces? Flossing can often feel like a difficult and daunting task especially for those of us that are in the process of perfecting our smile, but here at Reese Family Dentistry, we are here to help by showing how simple and quick it can be with just a few steps.

When you have braces it is important to start good oral hygiene habits from the first day you get them put on. Aside from a daily brushing routine, flossing is an important habit for teeth without braces and an even more important habit when you have braces. You should be flossing every day after each meal to keep your teeth and gums healthy throughout your treatment.

With braces, there are many tiny spaces for food to get trapped where a toothbrush can’t reach which can ultimately cause tooth decay. The staff at Reese Family Dentistry believes that learning the proper way to floss with your braces on, is a great way to ensure good oral hygiene and reduce the risk of bacteria growth and disease.  

What You Need:

Waxed Floss     Glass of Water Mirror

Flossing with Braces

1. When flossing with braces on, you are going to want to use waxed floss. Waxed floss is a common tool for flossing and can be found in your local grocery or drug store. Using waxed floss helps prevent the floss string from shredding and getting snagged on the braces.

2. The first step is to make sure you floss under the wires of your braces. To do this, first thread your floss under the wire of your braces. Next, while holding one end with one hand, grab the opposite end with the other hand. Make sure you have a firm grip on the floss.

3. Next you are going to slide the floss in between the two teeth. Then create a curved shape with the floss against one tooth and gently slide up, right beneath your gums. Flossing in between your teeth and close to the gums is very important for good oral hygiene because this is where tiny food particles and plaque can easily build up.

4. Then in a scrubbing type motion you are going to slide the floss up and down to clean the tooth. Repeat on the other side.

5. Now you are going to repeat steps 1-4 for each tooth making sure you remove all food particles so that plaque and tarter are less likely to get caught between your teeth and braces.

6. Lastly, rinse your mouth out by swishing water back and forth and through your teeth and braces. This helps wash away all the food and bacteria you have scrubbed off your teeth and braces.

By following these simple steps after every meal, you are guaranteed to have a healthy, tarter-free mouth. 

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