How Can Early Intervention Help in Orthodontics?
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How Can Early Intervention Help?

When it comes to orthodontic treatment, it may be tempting to put it off as long as you can. Possibly even until the last minute. No one wants to unnecessarily put their children through something that can wait. That might not be the smartest decision though, as studies now show that early intervention can prevent serious orthodontic problems in the future. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that all children should have an orthodontic evaluation by age 7.

Early treatment can include the use of orthodontic appliances, or partial braces. This guides the growth of the still developing jawbone and makes a better place for the adult teeth, as they grow in. These can be applied on a child's four front teeth from ages 7-9. They are used to quickly straighten the front teeth, making room for the back teeth that will be appearing soon. Normally this will need to be followed by a regular course of orthodontic treatment when your child reaches the proper age. This could include a full set of braces. The positive thing is, it will end up being a reduced orthodontic treatment time because the early use of the orthodontic appliance will increase the effectiveness of braces. Speeding up the process as your child ages will make both of you happy campers!

Coming to Dr. Reese in Mountain Home for early treatment will have many positive results. Treating issues in the beginning stages gives your dentist the chance to accomplish some things that might not be possible once the face and jaw are fully developed. Early treatment can help to properly guide the growth of the jaw. The risk of trauma to the protruded front teeth will be lowered. It will also guide the adult teeth in to a good position and improve the way the lips meet. All of this will hopefully result in greater confidence and an increased self esteem for your child. Who could argue with that?!

A few questions to ask yourself to see if your child may benefit from early intervention are:

- Did my child experience early or late loss of baby teeth?
- Does he/she have difficulty chewing?
- Does my child breathe most often through the mouth?
- Is or was my child a thumb sucker?
- Do the teeth in my child's mouth seem over crowded, or misplaced?
- Are my child's jaws set too far back?
- Does my child have front teeth that don't come together properly?
- Does my child bite his cheeks often?
- Do they grind or clench their teeth?

Any and all of these can be a sign that your child needs early intervention. The first step is to have them evaluated by someone trained in child orthodontics. Putting your child in the care of trained professionals is an excellent decision. Even if your child doesn't need immediate treatment, they will benefit from having someone keep a regular check on their situation. Timing can be everything in proper orthodontic care. For Mountain Home orthodontics call Dr. Reese. He and his staff are highly trained and knowledgeable. The friendly environment at Reese Family Dentistry will give you just the comfort you need when it comes to taking care of all of your family's dental and orthodontic needs.