Don't Delay Your Orthodontic Treatment
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Discovering you need braces can feel overwhelming. A multitude of thoughts begin to run through your head. With all those questions and concerns you may be tempted to put it off as long as possible. It's easy to convince yourself it's really not that big of a deal and it's something you can deal with later. Don't be deceived and don't delay getting the orthodontic treatment you or your family need. Timing is key when it comes to treatment. Getting on time braces treatment can make the process easier and smoother. The issues that you or your children are having with their teeth aren't going anywhere, in fact these problems will only increase if left unattended and possibly cause more complications.

Fear keeps a lot of people out of the dentist's office. Don't let yourself be one of those people. Braces are not a scary thing and they definitely aren't a life sentence. Also, your dentist certainly is not as terrifying as you may think! Actually wonderful dentists, like Dr. Reese, get great joy out of helping you get the smile you deserve!

Most treatment with braces lasts around 2 years, but advanced technology in the orthodontic field have made it possible for that time to be significantly less. Ask your dentist if something called quick braces might be an option for you. If it's right for you, your treatment time may be significantly reduced.

One of the largest factors in the length of your treatment time is you. Your dedication to taking care of your braces and following all the instructions your dentist and his trained staff give you is essential. The more you listen and follow, the quicker you will be rocking a mouth full of beautiful straight pearly whites! Everything your doctor tells you to do is for a reason. Remember, he received years of training in his field so he could properly take care of you and your teeth. Make sure you schedule adjustment appointments and be diligent about keeping them! You also should take

brushing and flossing regularly very seriously. Braces act as little traps on your teeth, holding food captive against the enamel. Carry a toothbrush with you everywhere you go so there is never an excuse not to brush after you've eaten. Convenience is a helpful key to success.

When you don't practice proper brushing and flossing you end up with increased tooth decay. That will only complicate and possibly greatly extend your treatment time. Make sure you continue to see your dentist every 6 months for your regularly scheduled cleanings. This will also help you to keep any potential tooth decay in check.

If rubber bands have been prescribed as part of your treatment, make sure you use them and follow directions completely. These elastics help to align your bite and make your teeth move in different directions. The tension caused by the rubber bands puts pressure on the bracket. This quickens the straightening process. When you're wearing the bands you can't open your mouth completely. Be prepared to remove them to eat, but make sure you have another set waiting to be applied after you've finished dining and brushing your teeth. The staff at the orthodontic office will instruct you how to properly apply them.

If you find yourself or your family in need of orthodontic treatment in Mountain Home, Arkansas you can't beat Dr. Reese and his friendly knowledgeable staff. Call today with any questions or to schedule an appointment.